Five Mental Health Myths

Understanding mental health is crucial to maintain a healthy and balanced life. There are some common misconceptions that our team at Social Work Solutions Canada work hard every day to overcome.

Let’s shed some light on five misconceptions:

Myth: Mental problems are uncommon
Fact: Approximately 50% of people will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life.

Myth: Mental health problems are a sign of weakness
Fact: Fighting a mental health condition can take a great deal of strength. This myth holds no more truth than saying illnesses with physical symptoms are a sign of weakness.

Myth: Only people without friends need therapists.
Fact: Even a person with lots of friends could benefit from the support of a therapist. A structured session with a trained and knowledgeable professional could help to address issues more constructively than a friend might be able too.

Myth: People don’t recover from mental illness
Fact: Many people can and do recover from mental illness, there’s many options for treatments and support.

Myth: Mental illnesses aren’t real illnesses
Fact: While you don’t catch mental illness like a cold, research shows that mental illnesses are a medical illness with a variety of different causes, and it can be treated affectively.

If you would like to discuss more about how we can help you or your loved one, we are happy to talk. We offer a 15 minute free consult for all of our services. We specialize in trauma recovery, grief and bereavement, addictions, children’s mental health, and work extensively with many military, police, paramedic and firefighters members and their families.

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