Maham Amjad Making a Difference at Social Work Solutions Canada

Maham Amjad

We have been enjoying the warmth and ambition of Maham Amjad as a team addition for her social work placement since January. Maham has been an integral part in delivering a 12-week DBT informed group. As we shift into the second half of her placement, we are excited to offer her skills in direct client support. ~ Dr. Christina

“Hello! my name is Maham. I’m currently enrolled in the Social Work program at Dalhousie University, and I’m really excited about my placement. I’m enjoy collaborating with the team at Social Work Solutions and connecting with clients.

My decision to pursue social work comes from a genuine passion for positively impacting people’s lives. The opportunity to be part of the dynamic atmosphere at Social Work Solutions and engage with clients from different backgrounds has me thrilled. Each day is a chance for personal and professional growth and a way to contribute meaningfully.

I’m committed to creating an environment of empathy, understanding, and unwavering support for the people I’ll work with during my placement. My goal is to go beyond theoretical knowledge and put it into action, helping clients overcome challenges and move toward positive transformation. I aim to empower individuals on their unique paths through active listening and collaboration. With an open heart and a thirst for knowledge, I’m ready to contribute significantly and experience firsthand the transformative power inherent in social work.”

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