Bereavement and Loss


Death and loss are an inevitable part of life. It is natural and normal to grieve and feel intense feelings during this time. The death of someone we love, or a significant loss such as, a divorce, loss of home or loss of ability can leave us bewildered and uncertain of how to carry on in our lives. Grief is also not linear and does not follow specific steps. We adjust and re-adjust to death and losses over time. There will be times when you are very in touch with (or overwhelmed by) your grief and times that you are more able to carry on with our day. Grief can take many forms as well – there is no ‘right’ way to grieve. Maybe you are intensely sad or angry; maybe you find it hard to feel anything at all. It can help to have someone to journey along with you at these times.

Non-finite loss presents its own challenges. This is the loss we experience, and re-experience, when we bump up against the reality that what we had hoped and planned for is no longer possible. For example, this may be grief related to a graduation that didn’t occur because our loved one died. This can also include losses experienced in relation to a change in health status and ability such as, a loved one who has sustained a brain injury.

The sudden and/or traumatic death of someone you love presents additional challenges to our grief and mourning. These deaths are often overlaid with trauma and may require skilled support to help navigate the trauma that may be derailing you for a natural grieving process.

Our therapists offer, compassionate and specialized bereavement care as well as support for a range of losses. We can support you in your journey and in accommodating these deaths and losses.

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