Child and Adolescent Services

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This ever-changing world can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming for both parent and child. Do you ever feel like no one gave you the real manual on how to support your children? Is your child struggling with mood, anxiety, or behaviours that cause concern? Our team are skilled at helping parents and children navigate many struggles with emotional health, transitions, and the development of unique sense of Self and identity. Social Work Solutions Canada is LGBTQ-2S friendly.

Emotional Regulation

Is your child or teen struggling with aggressive outbursts, or experiencing intense feelings of depression? At Social Work Solutions we draw upon evidenced based techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) to teach your child or youth skills and strategies to help them manage their emotions effectively. 

Parenting/Caregiver Support

Parenting can be the most difficult job. Are consequences just not working? Are you feeling lost with how to reach your teen? Struggling with defiant behaviours? Or maybe your child is struggling with mental health? At Social Work Solutions Canada we want to provide you with support and tools to help connect and understand your children through Emotion Focused parenting techniques and caregiver coaching and support.  Emotion Focused Family Therapy helps with teaching caregivers and children how to interact in positive ways. This then can help children regulate their own behaviour, feel confident in themselves, and have positive social relationships. We also provide a “Beyond Consequences” parenting approach that is specific for children who have experienced trauma.

Anxiety Support  

This ever-changing world can be scary and intimidating. If your child or teen is experiencing anxiety symptoms SWSC can provide support through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.  


Divorce and Separation can be a difficult experience for children and teens to understand. Our therapists provide a space for your children to be able to express all of their feelings with the changes happening in your family.

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