Mission Statement


We create a ripple of emotional health and resilience that nurtures individuals, families, and our communities.


We provide heartfelt, specialized, professional care to support and strengthen your emotional health and well-being.



We aim to lead with “heart”: conveying care is central to all we do.  In our work together you can expect authenticity. We will show up in a genuine manner and with humility. We recognize that we are all experts in our own experience and bring this understanding to everything we do together.

Collaborative Partnership

We work collaboratively with our clients and our team. We recognize and value what each person brings to the table. We are curious and attentive. It helps us discover underlying concerns and find the best paths forward that promote growth and resolution. As we journey together in this process we often think of this partnership as follows:

We will walk alongside you. However, there may be times that we help lead you through vulnerable and difficult spots, and there may also be times that we walk behind you and provide a gentle nudge to help you move forward. We are committed to your emotional health and well-being. It is very important to all of us at Social Work Solutions Canada that the care and space we provide is safe both emotionally and physically. We recognize that safety is of utmost importance, especially in times of vulnerability.

Professional Care

We provide exceptional clinical care. As practitioners we display professionalism and competency. We remain current in our approaches and areas of expertise. We offer diverse approaches, as we believe that support is not “one size fits all” and needs to be tailored to each person.  We value an environment where voices are heard, which includes open and honest discussion. You can expect to be able to identify progress and growth, and experience value in the services you receive.