Dr Christina Harrington of Social Work Solutions Canada Announces New Vision, Mission, Values.

Social Work Solutions Canada is growing and changing!

We have worked hard to better define our passions and what we excel at clinically. Part of this journey has been to shape our Vision, Mission and Values and we are excited to share this with you!

Check out our full Vision, Mission, Values statement on our new website page by clicking on this link.

Vision: We create a ripple of emotional health and resilience that nurtures individuals, families, and our communities.

Mission: We provide heartfelt, specialized, professional care to support and strengthen your emotional health and well-being.

Values: Compassion, Collaborative Partnership, Professional Care

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“Professional Guidance to Personal Well Being”TM Helping you deal with injury, loss, bereavement, post traumatic stress and much more. The Social Work Solutions Canada team is lead by Dr. Christina Harrington, RSW. You can expect professional service by trained and experienced practitioners, in accordance and good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. (OCSWSSW) Social workers possess the unique ability to assess beyond psychological impacts, taking a more comprehensive view of what is occurring for the individual in need and their family. Examples might include; changing family roles and dynamics, systemic barriers, or cultural needs and expectations, etc.

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