Dr. Christina Harrington Honoured with Canada Beyond the Blue Community Partnership Award

Dr. Christina Harrington honoured by Canada Beyond the Blue with Community Partnership Award

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

Say goodbye to out-of-pocket expenses! At Social Work Solutions Canada , we have made it easier than ever to access therapy by offering direct billing to many popular insurance companies. Companies we can direct bill too include: •    BPA Benefit Plan Administrators •    Canada Life •    Canadian Construction Workers Union •  Continue reading “Direct Billing to Insurance Companies”

Five Mental Health Myths

Understanding mental health is crucial to maintain a healthy and balanced life. There are some common misconceptions that our team at Social Work Solutions Canada work hard every day to overcome. Let’s shed some light on five misconceptions: Myth: Mental problems are uncommonFact: Approximately 50% of people will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mentalContinue reading “Five Mental Health Myths”

The Lived Experience Project – Carl’s Story

On an October evening in 1992, Carl and another police officer were dispatched to an apartment building for a domestic dispute. Carl and his partner were under the impression that there would only be a man and a woman in the apartment; however, there were their 2 young kids hiding in the closet. Carl’s partnerContinue reading “The Lived Experience Project – Carl’s Story”