Social Work Solutions Canada has moved to 1119 Fennel Avenue East, Suite 232 in Hamilton, Ontario.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

Change in life is inevitable. Sometimes we choose this and sometimes it’s the cards we’ve been dealt.
Do we grow? Or, do we say stuck in the familiar – even if it doesn’t serve us well? Often change is uncomfortable and pushes us to learn and do new things. It may require us to look at ourselves a little more critically and honestly. People around us often see the outcome of change and miss the understanding of how much process has gone on behind this.

Over the past year Social Work Solutions Canada (and myself as a leader) have undergone significant change. Today, as I am watching them add the signage for our new location, I’m struck by how analogous this journey has been to the counselling process itself.

Recognize there’s a challenge and seek professional supports:
About a year ago, I was feeling stuck and frustrated as a business leader. I felt a bit like I was on a hamster wheel not moving the organization forward or fulfilling myself personally and professionally. I recognized the need for support and enlisted professional services.

Many brave individuals reach out to us each week for professional support and guidance in improving their emotional health.

Uncover what is underlying the need for change:
I, and the team at Social Work Solutions Canada, have done a tremendous amount of work over the last year. We engaged in exercises to strip the business down to the scaffolding and understand its needs as well as my needs as a leader within the organization.

This parallels what we do in our practice daily. Right from our initial session we are present and listen with intention to understand what is going on for you and to discover what is underneath the challenges you may be facing.

The work behind the scenes:
As I/we engaged in the process of change, there was much work to do! We re-organized our entire organizational structure; became much clearer on our specialties and areas of passion; defined our Mission, Vision and Values, and re-branded the company logo to be consistent with the safe, caring, and nurturing environment we offer to our clients, and to each other, as a team. We moved offices and changed several of our operational systems to make them more user-friendly and efficient.

This process was not always comfortable. There are times I felt very challenged, but trusted in the process, the skills of my team and the mentorship of a professional business coach. There were times I needed to look in the mirror and ask myself some serious questions. What did I really want? At times I was very excited and driven by the process. Other times I needed some guidance and caring nudges.

Everyday, we help people engage in the process of change. This looks different for everyone. Sometimes this means that we journey alongside you and listened supportively. Other times we may help you hold up a mirror to challenge your beliefs. Often, we’re down in the mud dealing with the things that cause tremendous pain, and there are moments we’re behind you giving that gentle push to continue to move forward.

Toward a tomorrow of better, stronger, and more…

The signs today represent a milestone in this process of change for Social Work Solutions Canada and for me. Change is not absolute or static – we continue to refine and grow as we better understand ourselves, and in this case, our organizational needs.

We want to celebrate with you as you reach your milestones of ‘better’ and to acknowledge the courage of the work behind the scenes to get there.

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