Lived Experience Project – Jane’s Story

Jane was injured in a car accident in 2018, which caused several severe injuries. She was driving through an intersection and was t-boned when a vehicle in opposing traffic ran a red light and impacted her car at full speed. This accident has had long term effects that she is still dealing with to this day.

Jane experienced multiple physical injuries. Just her shoulder alone had 3 injuries. She also sustained a severe concussion which resulted in a brain injury. She remembers that she lost hair because it was torn off. She also lost vision in her left eye, has whiplash and many other ‘bruised bones’ as well.

To this day, Jane has headaches daily and is very sensitive to light and noise. She has to wear ear plugs in certain situations and is affected on a daily basis in other ways as well. She has trauma from driving and is a fearful passenger.

At the time of the accident, Jane was working full-time. However, because of the accident she has been off of work. Her job was a major part of her life and her identity. To lose that has had a significant impact on her mental health.

On top of these stressors, things were happening in her life with her family during recovery. Her husband was diagnosed and treated for cancer, and she has to be the caregiver for her aging mother. These things have a major impact on mental health especially when also trying to heal a brain injury.

Jane was getting 2 hours of sleep a night while trying to manage everyone’s care. Also, dealing with her insurance company caused a lot of stress since she was not able to get help for many things.

Fortunately, Jane has been getting mental support such as counselling for the impact the accident had on her life. She attends multiple therapies a week like physiotherapy and driver’s rehab. Although it has been hard to obtain these therapies after being denied for so long, she thankfully has gotten them and has a very helpful team of supportive people.

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