Dr. Christina Harrington Explains Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T)

Dr. Christina Harrington

Message from Dr. Christina Harrington about Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T).

“After attending and presenting at a national PTSD conference in 2016 at Memorial University, I was intrigued by a developing therapy offered in the US that “held promise” for rapidly processing traumatic memories.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T) is now recognized internationally as an evidenced based treatment for trauma.

A.R.T. is a form of psychotherapy that blends a number of techniques and allows our brain to settle painful memories and images.

Since 2019, myself and others at Social Work Solutions Canada have been using this technique and have seen the incredible benefits of this treatment.

We’d be happy to discuss further if this might be right for you!”

We can be reached by email: receptionist@socialworksolutionscanada.ca or call our Hamilton based office during business hours at 905-388-2157.

We provide services both in person and online anywhere in the province of Ontario.

Dr. Christina Harrington of Social Work Solutions Canada Explains Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.)
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