Supporting Your Child Through Back to School Anxiety

If your child is worried about school starting, you can:

  1. Have them write or draw about the worries (are they worried about getting to school on time? … worried they will fail? … worried they will get bullied?) Writing or drawing allows them to take the stress out of their brains and put them on a piece of paper. This gives them the visual cue that the worry can be “contained”.
  1. Once you have given the worries some definition you can help them problem solve. For example, afraid they will be late? Do a dry run before school starts. You can add fun elements like trying to beat their time or picking a getting ready song to listen to.
  1. If their worry is causing them trouble with sleeping and/or eating OR if you notice a behavioural change it may help to speak to a professional. You know your child best, if you think they need extra support don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Social Work Solutions Canada we are happy to introduce you to experienced therapists who are dedicated to your child’s well being. We offer in person appointments at our office on Hamilton Mountain or virtual anywhere in Ontario. Learn more about our therapists and book online by clicking here.

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